Welcome to my chat room.

Angel friends image
I hope you enjoy yourself; however, there are a few requests; please keep the language nice since this is an open chat and may have minors visiting.
Thanks so much. :)

The Eternal Light rooms
are my chat rooms,
and these rules apply.

However each of the other rooms
have their own sets of rules.
Those rules must be
accepted and respected.

Please enjoy my new juke box!
Place your cursor over a button
to see what that botton does
Play around with it a bit
I have over 30 songs for you to enjoy

Some of the rooms on the drop down menu are chat rooms of my friends
I am usually in one of them.
If you are looking for me, more than likely I am in one of these places.

For mirc users:
Server: irc.superchat.org
Port: 6667
Channel: #eternallight

These chat rooms
are some of my favorite places
to chat with friends
Please enter a nickname to use,
then use the pull-down menu
to select a channel to join.
Click Go to enter the chat room.


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