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Welcome to My Net Friends Page

Friends are very special to me, these people I have come to be very close to.
You all mean the world to me guys.

The first people that I met when I came on the World Wide Web
were Sweet Kay, Lightypoo, Michelle and Peaches.
We all became fast friends on the JVP chat site.
You all hold a special place in my heart.

There are so many friends I have met that are also like family to me.
Of course we can never forget Bill haha,
our sweet Bill, and his lovely wife Lois.
You two along with JJ, and Michelle were really there for me when I had my surgery and almost wasn't around any more. ((( HUGS )))

My Sweet JOJOBear, you always light up my screen.
Thanks for just being you:)

Shell with all of your own hard times with health,
you always have a smile for me.

Bonny, my dear Bonny how I have enjoyed our chats togeather, hon. hehe
You always let me know just the way it is.

Seahag, and Broomhilda, both of you keep me in stiches,
and I will always love your humour.

My dear Sweet MINI, what can I say, you are the friend among friends hon.
Love ya!

And to all the old gang, Weebles, Locke, Psychic, Vgogh, Serafina, Electra, Onanao, Nora, MrsB, MAMA, Mom22, Mollysmom, Micken, Marie, Koki, Laurie, Leslie, Hawkeye, Whiskey, FamilyLDR, CeeJay, Jaye, Duffy, Breeze my southern sis hehe, BJ, Hobo, Angelmom, Angelwings, Annie, Ariel, Crazygrandma, Jeannie, Payton, Dalou, Mr T, and anyone else that I may have neglected to add,,
May ^i^'s always be with you.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out,
haha there are so many great friends on here.

My new friends since JVP closed down, are just as important to me.

Scorpiogrl, you continue to make me laugh, and cry,
and I cherish our friendship.

Amora, Miracle, Trucker, Elizabeth,(EEEEEEEEE) Jeannie, Mylesha, Mell, Rosebud, Littlefoot, Megamom, Cate-Cda, Tahoe, Sheena, Stella, Chazza, YM, Starr, Vic, Baby, Mizz, Joy, Jmc, Iris, Foxy, Deb, Danoon...
All of you will forever
be in my heart.

Each of you has taught me something about life and friendship.
I am very fortunate to have people like you in my life.

If I have missed anyone,,PLEASE let me know,, and I will add you,,
or I may remember in time,,
I am so very blessed with so many wonderful friends. lol

On the next pages you will get to meet them all.
As I get pictures of each,
I will post them in my Net Friends Photo Album.

If you have not sent me a photo yet,,
please do so, I would love to add you to my set of Pictures.

A special Thank You to my dear E
for her help in saving me time, and embarrassment
E did some proof reading for me
Thanks hon

Love and Light to you all,, and see you on the net!!